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    Date Jun 13 - 14, 2019
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    2) Dec 05 - 06, 2019
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    In recent years, data analytics has gained significant buy-ins from senior management. However, many organizations find it challenging to get data analytics off the ground and on the right track due to a combination of technical, cultural and capabilities factors. One of the key factor is the lack of analytics skills among the employees. While organizations may hire specialists to to jump start its analytics journey or work in specific analytics projects, the potential of data analytics can only be sustained if the organization is able to build data analytics capabilities and culture throughout the organization. This workshop aims to address such capability gaps especially among professionals and managers in non-analysts roles but are required to work with or make sense of data and analyses in their daily works.

    Participants are required to bring their laptops with MS Excel (ver. 2010 or later)
    By the end of this course, the participants would be able to:
    • Understand what data analytics is, and the different approached to data analytics for different problem-solving situations
    • Develop analysis framework through problem definition, hypotheses development and identification of data requirement
    • Understand the principles to building sustainable analytics culture in an organization
    • Gain exposure to various data analytics and visualization techniques and tools
    • Gain practical data analysis skills through descriptive and predictive analysis exercises with MS Excel
    1. Understanding Data Analytics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
    • A general introduction of the concept of analytics, including the general utilities and potential of analytics to inform, explain and guide decision making.
    • Introduction to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence; types & examples of machine learning

    2. Practicing and Sustaining Data Analytics at Work
    • Data Analytics Value Chain & Components
      * What does it take to progress along the maturity curve?
      * Recipe for Successful Data Analytics
    • Building Analytics Culture (60min)
      * Leadership for Analytics
      * Data analytics competency framework
      * Organization design
      * Data Analytics Maturity Model
      * Class survey
    • Group Exercise: Fill in the success recipe book

    3. Translating Data into Insights
    • Understand Your Problems
      * Complexity theory and Cynefin Framework
      * Group exercise: Making sense of your problems
    • Building an Analysis Framework
      * 6-step framework from problem to data, insights and decision
      * Group exercise: Building an Analysis Framework
    • Analytics Techniques to Connect-the-Dots
    • Statistical Analysis Concepts for Business Users
      * Common analysis techniques, including trends analysis, regression analysis, survival analysis etc.
    • Class Exercise: MS Excel Analysis (pivot table, descriptive, correlation, multiple regression)
    • Data Visualization and Storytelling
    • Principles of Storytelling with data
    • Data Visualization tools & techniques
    • Demo of Visualization platforms
    • Class Exercise: Build Your Own Dashboard (MS Excel)

    4. Bringing all together: Capstone Business Case Exercise
    • The participants will work on a capstone business case exercise with the concepts and techniques they have acquired in this course
    • The final presentation, which should include the following: Problem statement, summary of findings (each supported by facts & analysis), and recommendations
    • Group Presentation & Discussion
    Who should attend
    This workshop is designed for managers, professionals and staff at all levels who want to learn and improve their understanding and skills in data analytics, particularly in applying analytics to problem solving. The course is suitable for participants across all industries and job functions. Participants are required to have basic MS Excel skills; no prior knowledge of data analytics required.
    We take a practical approach to analytics, and therefore the workshop emphasizes practical analytic skills through learning of key principles and analytics skills. A combination of lectures, discussions and interactions, as well as hands on exercises are designed to enable participants to acquire those practical skills. This workshop utilises MS Excel for the computer-based exercises.
    This workshop has a lot of case studies used which is helpful to understand the pitfalls of mis-interpretation of data & usefulness of data analysis to problem solving.
    A good trainer, very clear in delivering concepts and very experienced. Overall this workshop is useful. Perfect & good communicator.
    IP Academy

    Overall it met my objective of this course. A good trainer, very clear in delivering concepts and very experienced. This workshop is useful. Perfect & good communicator.
    Tripartite Alliance Limited

    Good knowledge on data analysis. Understand regression model and use it to gain insights. Overall the trainer is knowledgeable and engaging. A good trainer, very clear in delivering concepts and very experienced.
    Government Technology Agency
    Michael-Lee's Profile
    An IT professional by training with more than 25 years of consulting & practical experience across many functions (sales, client management, business operations & customer service) throughout various roles (Vendor, Systems Integrator, Distributor and End-user) in both the public & private sector

    Michael has managed the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems. His portfolio included the day-to-day operations within Asia Pacific. Prior to that, Michael led the Asia Pacific Sales Operations for Cisco System and the Business Operations for Customer Service in Asia Pacific & Japan in Cisco. In addition, he headed a global Metrics & Business Intelligence team comprising members from Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Before joining Cisco, Michael worked for Peoplesoft, AT&T GIS, SAP and National Computer Systems (SCO)

    Michael has also done consultancy and process re-engineering for several SMEs. He has also conducted numerous training sessions on Virtual Teaming for international banks and corporations. In addition, he has made many speaking engagements in Customer & Partner events, as well as in major international Sales Conferences.

    Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Mathematics as well as an MBA from the National University of Singapore. He is also ACTA-certified.
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